Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I thought I was going to pick up Peaceful Retreat after this go round with the Rainforest Afghan, but when I went to pull it out my hand got distracted and I ended up with In the Wild instead! Oh well, I'll get to Peaceful Retreat soon enough and still in time for Stitching Sisters May SAL. But, first, an update on what I've gotten done on the Rainforest Afghan:

Vital Statistics:
Pattern Name: Rainforest Afghan
Designer: Mary Stockett - Graphworks International
Fabric: Zweigart 14 count Hearthside Afghan (dark green/beige) stitched 4 over 1 (2 DMC strands with 2 strands of blending filament on rainbow)
Stitch Count: 5 x 6 squares with 7" stitch area in each square
Time Investment: 40 hours on square 3, 10 hours so far on square 4 -- project picked back up Dec. 28, 2006 with 2 squares finished (time for first 2 squares not recorded)

Before (at 40 hours + 2 finished squares):

After (at 50 hours + 2 finished squares):

Close up of Block 4: The sloth is starting to appear. Isn't he cute??!!

What it will look like when I'm finished:

So next up is In the Wild. This one is almost done, although it's a bear with all the quarter stitches. It's being stitched on light blue evenweave over 2, so the quarter stitches aren't as bad as they could be, but still....

Here's where I'm starting:

Vital Statistics:
Pattern Name: In the Wild
Designer: Kooler Design Studio published in the 1993 Keepsake Calendar
Fabric: Light blue evenweave of some nature stitched 2 over 2
Stitch Count: 102 high x 136 wide
Time Investment: 30 hours when project was picked back up 1/5/07 (time not recorded before this time)

Where I am now:

Listening to: 
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Next update when I've finished 10 hours on In the Wild... Or I start or buy something else ;o)...


  1. Lovely progress and both pieces are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more.

  2. wonderful progress on the first one.
    i love the second one more as I love seals.

  3. They are both really nice and you are doing a great job.

  4. They are both so bright and beautiful! I have a UFO with animals on it. In the Wild just reminded me of it. You are making great progress!