Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stitching Away

WIP this week: Manatee, Four Seasons Village
Listening to: Just finished listening to The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson and I've started listening to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

I've finally gotten far enough on my manatee to backstitch his face. Now I can look at his cute little self while I stitch the rest of him.

I've also gotten my fabric for my HAED design - QS Believe. I decided on 25 count pale pink Lugana. A lot of people (including my LNS owner ;o)) has questioned why I would chose to work on a colored fabric when I'm going to cover it all with floss. Two major reasons:
1. If there's any show through, I'd rather you see pale pink than white.
2. Pink fabric makes me happy ;o).

And, since I'm going to be working on this project for a good long while, I want to be happy with the fabric I'm working on. I've done a few test patches and I've decided to stitch the design 1 over 1.

I've also been working away at my Four Seasons Village. I'll take a picture of it when I finish my 10 hour rotation on it (2 more hours to go. So should be early this week). 


  1. I love your idea of the pink fabric. I totally agree with your reasoning. Pink makes me happy too!

    How fun to have the manatee face smiling at you as you stitch!

  2. If pink makes you happy then no reason not to stitch with it. The Manatee's face is so cute.

  3. Love the progress on the manatee so far.

    Just went to the Dubuque, Iowa aquarium & museum with family, not as large as shedd's in chicago, Illinois. I love all aquariums.